Charlie DAG Gives You Swag,Brand, And Quality For Your Money.

Charlie DAG derived from Charlie Shop a retails since 1976 founded by Mr Philip Graham and Cleopatra O Graham at 29 Pelican Parade Cockburn Pen Kingston 11,Jamaica West Indies.The retails still exist up until this present day at the same landmark spot.Charlie shop has expanded into Charlie's Business Units.

Charlie DAG online shop presently is a DAG clothing,Iriebot clothing,music and merchandise retails and wholesale distribution.Charlie DAG is owned by the music dancehall,reggae and rapper  artist Star David aka Grammy,who was born David Anthony Graham.

Iriebot is an animated character from the Apple Jamaican voice translator app of which Star David is the voice.

DAG is David Anthony Graham.

The Selah see i on the image is a title given unto DAG by Jehovah Rapha Almighty god.Its definition is the primordial of the return of Christ Immanuel Jesus our Lord and a continuation of the Lords throne on earth through his grace.Declaration of the decree in heaven  ordained by the holy father of the trinity Jehovah god.This is supported by the holy scriptures from the bible psalm (2), psalm (87), psalm (89), St Mark (11 verse 10), and second Chronicles ( 9 verse 12).  (Shabbanacle Sabbanacle).

At retails pricing presently all t-shirts cost £20.00 plus £3.00 postage.

Charlie REG (( Global Shoe Repair )) Red Hills Road Kingston Jamaica.

Sells, leather belts,wallets,bags,shoes & suede Clarks, see contacts for mobile number you can also find him on facebook.

Charlie REG is Richard Edward Graham my brother from the Charlie empire.


Charlie DAG

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